A Case for Healing

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The majority of people today, if they believe in God, and if they are Christian, believe in a religious God who still punishes us for bad behavior. They may hear… Read more »

“You’re a Hater if You Disagree”

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If there was an intruder in your home would you recognize it? It depends on what you consider an ‘intruder’ and what you allow in…Society, media, the world, all have… Read more »

Do You Adorn the Outside or the Inside of Your House?

Which is more important to you: that people are impressed with the outside of your home, or that your family or close friends feel comfortable inside? Would we allow the… Read more »

Eat Your Words

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I’m writing this post to encourage ladies today, in regards to the profound effect we can have on our friends and family simply with our words. Words have dramatic effects… Read more »

No Compromise

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As I continue to become more and more free from lies about my self, lies about other people, lies about God and the fear of man, I am finding a… Read more »

Believing Lies

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The lies that destroy mankind aren’t always as straightforward and blatant as, denying Christ for example. Sometimes the lies we believe can slowly erode away at us, even if we… Read more »

Mutual Submission- Refuting a Feminist Theory

I want to touch on a subject that’s not politically correct today, that is wives submitting to their husbands. I recently got married and God had been preparing my heart… Read more »

Living in the light

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I use to think that because I was a Christian, I was “living in the light”. After all, I was one of the enlightened ones; one who knew the truth… Read more »

Fear of Man

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My husband and I recently found out that I’m pregnant (which we are absolutely thrilled about!)! With such great news comes the strong desire to tell anyone and everyone about… Read more »